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The Microgreens Project

  • Our goal with The Microgreens Project is to spark interest and excitement about the benefits of this sustainable superfood. 


  • We are starting on a grass roots level, through local donations and education.

Your contribution will provide invaluable nutritional support to an eclectic group of low-income, working poor and HIV+ individuals and families at Sylvia Rivera Food Pantry in midtown Manhattan.


  • Specifically, your gift will help fund the purchase of organic, high quality microgreens from our friends at Good Water Farms. Their crops are flavorful and will brighten up even the drabbest of meals. Most importantly, they're packed with highly dense micronutrients: the vitamins and minerals that support strong immune systems and fight off disease.


  • Microgreens are distributed each Thursday at Sylvia Rivera by volunteers from 11 W 30 Projects.


  • 100% of your donation goes directly towards funding this project. Operating costs and processing fees are covered by 11 W 30 Projects.

11 W 30 Projects is pleased to partner with artist, Jo Shane on The Microgreens Project, an organic outgrowth of her most recent installation, The Future Is Now (pictured above). The objective of this piece was to encourage conversation for positive solutions to health and sustainable practices. The Microgreens Project builds on this notion in a practical, real world context through social outreach and education at Sylvia Rivera Food Pantry. 

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