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Actualize your future with ~ Aspirational ~ ™ circular economy jewelry, which is not just a necklace but also valuable art for years to come. Created by Jo Shane for JS ENTERPRISES ™ , all pieces are documented,stamped, signed and numbered.  Please do not wear in water.


~ Aspirational ~ ™ a limited edition grew out of Shane's latest installation, Happiness Is A Butterfly, which recreates a young girl’s existence early in the millennium. During this timeframe, Shane began incorporating iconic teenage expression and iconography into her creative projects. Today, she continues to embrace language that informs cultural identity by working with pre-existing nameplates sourced from fast fashion.


 The first charms, found during a 2017 visit to the Philippines, were added to a discarded nameplate necklace in 2018. Worn only as a personal signature, Shane hadn't considered producing multiple editions until offering necklace consultations as part of her current exhibition. An ongoing interest in business as art initiative have now made these available to you and your friends.


Wear in good aspiration! And please don’t hesitate to post on social media with tag @joshane1 - we love to see you !

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